sinv_create_key_mapping — Creates a key mapping function & table.


sinv_create_key_mapping ( in map_name varchar ,
in part_defs any ,
in do_drops integer := 1 );


Creates a key mapping function & table (as described in the doc section SQL Inverse Functions )



(string) the name of the mapping. This becomes the name of the forward function (from parts to single int value) and participates in the name of the lookup table (like MAP_ <map_name>)


contains an array of name/type pairs describing the parts of the mapping. The types are used in the MAP table as column types and the type names are used in naming the referenced functions (one for each part) like : <map_name>_ <part_name>


integer (0, 1, 2 : default value 1)

this controls how the function will go about dropping the already existing objects:

0 - don't issue any DROP TABLE/PROCEDURE/INVERSE calls, just the CREATE statements
1 - do the DROPs before issuing the actual CREATE statements
2 - do *only* the DROPs without the CREATEs.