sql_special_columns — get special column information from table on a remote DSN


vector sql_special_columns ( in dsn varchar ,
in qualifier varchar ,
in owner varchar ,
in table_name varchar ,
in scope integer ,
in nullable integer );


This function corresponds to the ODBC catalog call of similar name. It and related functions are used by the virtual database to query remote data dictionaries.

First argument of the ODBC SQLSpecialColumns is always SQL_BEST_ROWID.

The dsn argument must refer to a dsn previously defined by vd_remote_data_source() or ATTACH TABLE.

For instance, the qualifier argument corresponds to the szTableQualifier and cbTableQualifier arguments of an ODBC catalog function. The SQL NULL value corresponds to the C NULL value. The arguments can contain % signs, which are interpreted as in LIKE.


As defined in ODBC API for the corresponding catalog call.

Return Types

As defined in ODBC API for the corresponding catalog call.

This function returns an array, with one element for each row of the result set. Each row is represented as an array with one element for each column.


Example24.398.Simple example

dbg_obj_print (sql_special_columns ('Local Virtuoso', 'Demo', 'demo', 'Orders', 0, 0));
 (0ld "OrderID" 4 "INTEGER" 10 10 <DB NULL> 1 )