tidy_list_errors — Invoke built-in version of HTML Tidy utility to get list of errors in given input HTML text


tidy_list_errors ( in raw_html varchar ,
in tidy_config varchar );


This function lists errors in given source HTML text, by invoking some custom version of HTML Tidy utility. To learn more about Tidy see .



Source HTML text to validate. Note that the encoding of this text must be specified in tidy_config string, and default encoding of session will not be mentioned by Tidy.


Configuration string, space-delimited list of options, exactly as in original Tidy's command-line or in Tidy's configuration file. Not all options of original Tidy will work, due to obvious reasons, unsupported options will be silently ignored, so you may read your favorite Tidy's configuration file by file_to_string function and pass it to tidy_list_errors. For more details, see tidy_html .

Return Types

Text with the list of found errors and warnings, as string of type varchar.


This function should not signal errors. Unlike tidy_html , it will log errors into the resulting string without signalling them.

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