trace_status — show current trace settings


void trace_status ( );


You must have DBA privileges to run that function.

This function returns an array of all available trace options and current status of the traces.



This is to show the current state of all trace log options.

SQl> create procedure trace_status_show ()
     declare i, l integer;
     declare opt, status varchar;
     declare arr any;
     arr := trace_status();
     i := 0; l := length (arr);
     result_names (opt, status);
     while (i < l)
         result (arr[i], arr[i+1]);
         i := i + 2;

SQL> trace_status_show();
opt                       status
VARCHAR                   VARCHAR

user_log                  off
failed_log                off
compile                   on
ddl_log                   off
client_sql                off
errors                    off
dsn                       off
sql_send                  off
transact                  on
remote_transact           off
exec                      off
soap                      off