txn_error — poison current transaction forcing rollback


txn_error ( in code integer );


Calling this function will poison the current transaction. This means that it is forced to roll back at when committed. The code can be in integer that selects the error message generated when trying to commit. This is useful before signalling application errors from SQL code that runs in manual commit mode. This can ensure that even if the client attempts a commit after getting the error signalled by the application the transaction will not commit.

In most cases the code should be the constant 6, resulting the in the 'transaction rolled back due to previous SQL Error'.

Table24.85.Transaction error codes

code SQL state Error ID SQL message Description
1 S1T00 SR171 Transaction timed out
2 40001 SR172 Transaction deadlocked
3 40003 SR173 Transaction out of disk
4 40004 SR174 Log out of disk
5 23000 SR175 Uniqueness violation. Transaction killed
6 4000X SR176 Transaction rolled back due to previous SQL error The safest way of poisoning a transaction
7 4000X SR177 Reserved for system use
8 08U01 SR324 Remote server has disconnected making the transaction uncommittable. Transaction has been rolled back
9 40001 SR325 Transaction aborted due to a database checkpoint or database-wide atomic operation. Please retry transaction
10 40005 SR325 Transaction aborted because its log after image size went above the limit
11 40006 SR337 Transaction aborted because the server is out of memory
12 4000X SR177 Reserved for system use
13 08C02 SR337 Transaction aborted due to cluster connection failure
14 40001 SR337 Transaction aborted due to async rollback in cluster
15 40007 CLTSY Transaction not committable because async update branch not synced before commit. Commit has overtaken the branch message or the branch message was lost by the network
16 40007 CLPNC Transaction prepared but not committed. Probably dropped commit message. The branch will automatically query coordinator for the final status. The situation will reset itself in a few seconds
17 4000X SR177 Reserved for system use
18 42000 RPERM No permission to delete from given graph
anything else 4000X SR177 Misc Transaction Error