VT_BATCH_UPDATE — Set batch mode update of free text indexing.


integer DB.DBA. VT_BATCH_UPDATE ( in table varchar ,
in flag varchar ,
in interval_minutes integer );


This function controls the time of update of a text index. If flag is ON, changes are accumulated into a change tracking table and applied as a batch. If flag is OFF, the text index is updated in the same transaction as the indexed data itself. The change tracking table is automatically created and is named VTLOG_<q>_<o>_<table>, in the qualifier and owner of the indexed table, where q, o and table are the qualifier, owner and name of the table. The changes accumulated into that table can be explicitly applied to the index using the VT_INC_INDEX_<q>_<o>_<table> function.



the name of the table to perform batch updating of.


If ON, updates are in batch mode, if OFF, they are synchronous.


the update interval. NULL means that updates are not scheduled.


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