xml_load_schema_decl — returns a string with list of errors detected by XML Schema processor on reading given XML Schema definition document.


xml_load_schema_decl ( in base_uri varchar ,
in document_uri varchar ,
in content_encoding varchar ,
in content_language varchar );


Loads given file using base_uri. Try to parse file of XML Schema definition and check it for correctness to XML Schema specification.



in HTML parser mode change all absolute references to relative from given base_uri (http://<host>:<port>/<path>)


string with content encoding type of <document>; valid are 'ASCII', 'ISO', 'UTF8', 'ISO8859-1', 'LATIN-1' etc., defaults are 'UTF-8' for XML mode and 'LATIN-1' for HTML mode


string with language tag of content of <document>; valid names are listed in IETF RFC 1766, default is 'x-any' (it means 'mix of words from various human languages)


configuration string of the validator, default is empty string meaning that DTD validator should be fully disabled and only critical errors should be reported

Return Types

Human readable list of errors if applicable as a varchar.

Validating XML Against a XML Schema

Example24.513.Simple Use

declare _result varchar;
_result := xml_load_schema_decl (
  'persons.xsd', 'UTF-8', 'x-any');

if (_result = '') _result := 'NO ERRORS DETECTED';