xml_template — Execute XML template from Virtuoso PL


xml_template ( in xml_document_entity any ,
in parameters vector ,
inout session string_session );


The xml_template() function was introduced to enable PL programming to make use of XML templates. This function expects an XML entity for the first argument, that will be the XML template file contents. Usually this entity is composed making use of the xtree_doc() function from the XML template file.

The second argument should be a vector of name-value pairs of the parameters for XML template.

The last argument is an output string stream for the result. If the output stream is not specified the HTTP internal stream will be used if it is available, otherwise an error will be signalled.



XML entity such as that returned by xtree_doc()


Vector or name-value pairs: vector('name1', 'value1', 'name2', 'value2', ...).


Output stream for handling the results of XML template. If this parameter is unspecified then the HTTP internal stream will be assumed, which if not applicable will signal an error.

Return Types

A URL of the XSLT stylesheet for further transformation will be returned. If xsl attribute was not specified in the XML template then the return value will be NULL.