11.7.2. Grant Execute Statement

GRANT EXECUTE ON procedure_name TO "{USER | ROLE}" ;

The identifier quote character (double quotes) is important usage information since it indicates that the USER or ROLE has a literal identifier. Just as a reference (e.g., URL or URI) has the identifier quote characters "<" and ">" .

The grantee should have SQL rights in order execution of procedure to be granted to this user. The rights can be set from Conductor->System Admin->User Accounts->Account->Edit->User Type:

Figure 11.1. User Type

User Type


SQL>create procedure DB.DBA.SimplePrint (in txt varchar)
 return sprintf('Output is %s', txt);

Done. -- 0 msec.

SQL>grant execute on DB.DBA.SimplePrint to "demo";

Done. -- 0 msec.

SQL>use demo;

Done. -- 0 msec.

SQL>select DB.DBA.SimplePrint('Virtuoso');


Output is Virtuoso

1 Rows. -- 0 msec.