23.6.7. Web Robot System Tables

Target sites table. 

create table WS.WS.VFS_SITE (
  VS_DESCR   varchar,	-- Human readable description
  VS_HOST    varchar,	-- target hostname (eq. www.foo.com)
  VS_URL     varchar,	-- target path (eq. /cgi-bin/ or /)
  VS_INX     char(5),	-- not used
  VS_OWN     integer,	-- ID of the local WebDAV owner
  VS_ROOT    varchar,	-- target WebDAV collection
  VS_NEWER   datetime,	-- Update the link if newer than
  VS_DEL     char(3),	-- Delete local copy if delete on remote detected flag
  VS_FOLLOW  varchar,	-- follow list (list of masks to allow following the links)
  VS_NFOLLOW varchar,	-- the do not follow list
  VS_SRC     char(3),	-- do get of the images - flag
  VS_OPTIONS varchar,	-- username/password credentials for
                        --  authorization on target site
  VS_METHOD  varchar,	-- use HTTP or HTTP/WebDAV to retrieve the target site
  VS_OTHER   char(10),	-- go to other sites flag
  primary key (VS_HOST, VS_ROOT)

The queues table. 

create table WS.WS.VFS_QUEUE (
  VQ_HOST    varchar,  -- target host
  VQ_TS      datetime, -- when added to the queue
  VQ_URL     varchar,  -- path on target
  VQ_ROOT    varchar,  -- the WebDAV local collection
  VQ_STAT    char (15),-- status of the entry
  VQ_OTHER   varchar,  -- flag for other site generated link
  primary key (VQ_HOST, VQ_URL, VQ_ROOT)

The retrieved URLs table. 

create table WS.WS.VFS_URL (
  VU_HOST     varchar, 	-- target host
  VU_URL      varchar, 	-- path on target
  VU_ROOT     varchar, 	-- the local WebDAV collection containing
                        -- content of the retrieved link
  VU_CHKSUM   varchar, 	-- checksum
  VU_ETAG     varchar, 	-- Etag from target
  VU_CPTIME   datetime, -- when is copied
  VU_OTHER    varchar,  -- is the link retrieved from foreign site
  primary key (VU_HOST, VU_URL, VU_ROOT)