14.5.Deploying ASP.Net Web Applications

Virtuoso is a CLR host. It is responsible for initializing the runtime, defining the application domain (its runtime boundaries, security settings, etc), and executing user code within such domains. Windows can be used as the development platform, a very developer friendly environment with a rich set of tools, but you will not be restricted to Windows, .NET and IIS to run the assemblies produced. Where .NET is not readily available or desired Virtuoso contains Mono, an open source re-implementation of Microsoft .NET, a vehicle taking .NET cross-platform.

The CLR run-time is a part of the Virtuoso process. The Mono run time may be run either as in-process or as out-of-process. Hosted applications can make use of the regular Virtuoso .Net data provider to access Virtuoso SQL data and procedures. Microsoft ASPX files can also be run directly from Virtuoso either from the file system or WebDAV. Each of these capabilities releases you from the Microsoft platforms without compromising your development platform.

The Virtuoso CLR hosting is implemented using the VSEI.

Figure14.16.The HTTP ASP.Net handler

The HTTP ASP.Net handler