15.4.7.text-contains XPath Predicate

text-contains (node-set, text-expression)

This XPath predicate is true if any of the nodes in node-set have text values matching the text-expression . The text-expression should be a constant string whose syntax corresponds to the top production of the free text syntax for patterns in contains() . The string also may not consist exclusively of spaces or noise words.

[Tip] See Also:

"Noise Words" in the Free Text Search chapter .

Example15.14.Selecting All Titles About Aliasing

select n from xml_text2 where
  xcontains (xt_text,
  '//title[text-contains (., "Aliasing")]', 0, n);

This selects all title elements that contain the word "Aliasing" using free text match rules: case insensitive and whole word.

Example15.15.Select All Trees with Elements Containing "sql reference"

select n from xml_text2 where
  xcontains (xt_text,
  '//*[text-contains (., ''"sql reference"'')]',
  0, n);

This selects all elements whose text value contains the phrase "sql reference". Free text matching rules apply. This produces all nodes in document order for all documents which contains the phrase, starting with the document node and following downward including all paths to the innermost element(s) whose text contains the phrase.