13.3.8.Objects created by transactional replication

Virtuoso creates triggers "<name>_I", "<name>_U" and "<name>_D" for every published table. On subscriber "DB"."DBA"."SYS_REPL_ACCOUNTS" table and "DB"."DBA"."TP_ITEM" view are attached from publisher as "DB"."<dsn>"."SYS_REPL_ACCCOUNTS" and "DB"."<dsn>"."TP_ITEM" respectively.

If publication is updateable Virtuoso additionally creates the following objects:

"<qual>"."<owner>"."replcr_<name>_I", "<qual>"."<owner>"."replcr_<name>_U" and "<qual>"."<owner>"."replcr_<name>_D" procedures for every published table. These procedures are used for conflict resolution.
Triggers "<name>_I", "<name>_U" and "<name>_D" for every subscribed table.