9.2.17.UDT Security

Security of UDTs is maintained through normal SQL GRANT and REVOKE statements via a simple extension. You can define the level of access to both native and externally hosted UDTs.

Grants for persistent user defined types are persisted into the SYS_GRANTS table. Grants on temporary user defined types are in-memory only and are lost (together with the temporary user defined type definition) when the server is restarted.

There are two GRANT/REVOKE types for UDTs as follows:

EXECUTE - all methods and members of a class are accessible to the grantee.
UNDER - the grantee can create subclasses of the class.
GRANT/REVOKE EXECUTE on <user_defined_type>
GRANT/REVOKE UNDER on <user_defined_type>
[Note] Note:

SQL modules, user defined types and SQL stored procedures are exposed to GRANT/REVOKE in the same namespace, therefore care must be taken avoid inadvertently granting to multiple objects at the same time.