18.4.2.Virtuoso/PL <-> Java VM Type Mapping Schema

Since the Java language uses a different set of data types than Virtuoso a type mapping system has been established to allow the passage of data to and from Java. All Java simple types are mapped to a corresponding Virtuoso type as follows:

Table18.1.Java - Virtuoso Data Type Mapping

Java Type/Class Virtuoso Internal Type
boolean smallint
char smallint
double double precision
float real
int integer
short integer
long integer
boolean smallint
java.lang.String NVARCHAR
java.util.Date DATETIME

All other Java objects are represented as a special Virtuoso value, which contains a reference to the Java object in the VM memory space. When such a value is returned as a Virtuoso/PL return value or as a result set column, it calls the java.lang.Object.toString() method for the Java VM object it refers to and that result is returned to the calling client.

Arrays are mapped to a Virtuoso vector of their elements. The array handling routines are recursive, so each element may be a Java array or a scalar type.

The above mappings are applied when converting Virtuoso/PL data to Java data as follows:

method parameter values in java_call_method VSE
method parameter values in java_new_object VSE
property values in java_set_property VSE
the instance parameters in java_call_method/java_get_property/java_set_property VSEs

The above mappings are applied in the opposite direction (Java Data -> Virtuoso/PL data) as follows:

method return values in java_call_method VSE
return value of the java_new_object VSE
property values returned from java_get_property VSE