7.4. Virtuoso Driver for JDBC

The Virtuoso Drivers for JDBC are available in "jar" file formats for JDBC 1.x, JDBC 2.x and JDBC 3.x specifications. These are Type 4 Drivers implying that utilization is simply a case of adding the relevant "jar" file to your CLASSPATH and then providing an appropriate JDBC URL format in order to establish a JDBC session with a local or remote Virtuoso server. It is important to note that when you make a JDBC connection to a Virtuoso Server, you do also have access to Native and External Virtuoso tables. Thus, you actually have a type 4 JDBC Driver for any number of different database types that have been linked into Virtuoso.

The JDBC 2 and JDBC 3 drivers also incorporate SSL encryption to enable very secure connections to the Virtuoso database.