1.5.23. How to exploit RDF Schema and OWL Inference Rules with minimal effort?

When you install Virtuoso, it's reasoner and highly scalable inference capabilities may not be obvious. Typical cases involve using rdfs:subClassOf predicates in queries and wondering why reasoning hasn't occurred in line with the semantics defined in RDF Schema.

The experience applies when using more sophisticated predicates from OWL such as owl:equivalentProperty , owl:equivalentClass , owl:sameAs , owl:SymmetricalProperty , owl:inverseOf etc ...

Virtuoso implemented inference rules processing in a loosely coupled manner that allow users to conditionally apply inference context (via rules) to SPARQL queries. Typically, you have to create these rules following steps outlined here .

This tips and tricks note provides a shortcut for setting up and exploring RDF Schema and OWL reasoning once you've installed the Virtuoso Faceted Browser VAD package .