14.2. Web Services ACL (Access Control List)

Virtuoso provides a generic access control list for HTTP and other Internet protocol clients. This mechanism uses wildcard expressions to selectively block and allow ranges of IP addresses. An ordered set of patterns is matched against the origin of the request. The first matching pattern's allow/deny flag determines whether the client is approved or not.

The patterns for designating a range of IP addresses follow the syntax of the SQL 'LIKE' predicate; i.e. '%.foo.bar' or '*.foo.bar' for example.

[Tip] See Also:

The LIKE Predicate & Search Patterns section.

The following mechanisms for services access restriction are defined by default:

Web Server ACL - controls access to the Web server (basic fire wall)
Web Proxy server ACL - controls access to the Web proxy server
News Server ACL - controls access to the Internet news groups (reading or posting)