17.7.4.WS-RM Protocol Endpoint Configuration

The setup is a virtual directory definition and grant of rights to the procedures for sender and receiver endpoints.

This will be demonstrated as an example of setting up both endpoints:

  • Sender

    create user WSRMS;
    grant execute on WSRMSequenceAcknowledgment to WSRMS;
    vhost_define (lpath=>'/replyto', ppath=>'/SOAP/', soap_user=>'WSRMS');
  • Reply

    create user WSRMR;
    grant execute on WSRMSequence to WSRMR;
    grant execute on WSRMSequenceTerminate to WSRMR;
    grant execute on WSRMAckRequested to WSRMR;
    vhost_define (lpath=>'/wsrm', ppath=>'/SOAP/', soap_user=>'WSRMR');

Example17.32.WS-RM Ping Test Example

This is an example client used to perform the interoperability test "Ping" as proposed in "Interop Workshop Scenarios"

soap_dt_define ('',
                        name="Ping" type="test:Ping_t"
                        targetNamespace = "http://tempuri.org/" xmlns:test="http://tempuri.org/" />');
soap_dt_define ('',
                '<complexType xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"
                              name="Ping_t" targetNamespace = "http://tempuri.org/">
                                        <element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="Text" type="string"/>
create procedure WSRMTestPing (in _to varchar, in _from varchar)
    declare addr wsa_cli;
    declare test wsrm_cli;
    declare req soap_client_req;
    declare finish any;
    declare ping soap_parameter;

    ping := new soap_parameter (1);

    ping.set_xsd ('http://tempuri.org/:Ping');
    ping.s := vector ('Hello World');

    addr := new wsa_cli ();
    addr."to" := _to;
    addr."from" := _from;
    addr.action := 'urn:wsrm:Ping';

    req := new soap_client_req ();
    req.url := _to;
    req.operation := 'Ping';
    req.parameters := ping.get_call_param ('');

    test := new wsrm_cli (addr, _to);

    test.send_message (req);
    test.send_message (req);
    test.finish (req);
    return test.seq;