avg — Returns average value of all its arguments.


number avg ( arg1 any ,
arg2 any ,
... ,
argN any );


The function returns the average of all values in all its arguments, For each node in every argument node-set, it converts the string-value of the node to a number and adds the result to the sum. If some arguments are not node-sets, they are converted to numbers first and added to the sum. Then sum is divided by number of values added and the result is returned.

This function is not a part of XPATH 1.0 standard library.



A node-set of nodes whose string values must be converted to numbers and added to the result, or single value.

Return Types

Table24.138.Errors signalled by

SQLState Error Code Error Text Description
XP001 XPF06 Nonempty sequence of values expected as argument(s) of XPATH function avg(); avg() of nothing is senseless This happens if the function is called without arguments, or with all arguments set to empty node-sets.




See Also

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