let — Creates temporary variables and calculates an expression that uses these variables


any let ( var1name string ,
  var1value sequence ,
  var2name string ,
  var2value sequence ,
  ... ,
  varNname string ,
  varNvalue sequence ,
  retval any );


For every pair of arguments, the function calculates values of these arguments and then creates a new temporary local variable whose name is the string value of the first argument in pair and the value assigned is the value of the second argument in pair. Obviously, the argument for variable name is usually a constant string of alphanumeric characters. The expression for a value of variable number I may refer to variables created during steps 1 to I-1. When all pairs of arguments are turned into temporary variables, the last argument is calculated and its value is returned as the value of the whole expression.

Temporary variables are destroyed on return.

This function is used in the implementation of "LET" control operator in XQUERY, so you will probably use that operator in XQUERY expressions, not the function. This function may be useful in XPATH expressions and in XSLT stylesheets. It is not a part of library of standard XQUERY 1.0 functions.



Expression for the name for the I-th temporary variable


Expression for the value for the I-th temporary variable


Expression for the value to be returned

Return Types

Any, depending on the type of retval expression.


Table 24.147. Errors signalled by let()

SQLState Error Code Error Text Description
42000 XPF02 Wrong number of arguments for XPATH function let(), maybe internal XQuery error The function should have odd number of arguments: even number of arguments that describe variables plus one for the returned expression.


Example 24.598. 

These two expressions are equivalent, but first may be used in any XPATH while second is written in XQUERY syntax

let('baseprice', /item/price, 'discount', 0.20, $baseprice * (1.0 - $discount))
LET  $baseprice := /item/price, $discount := 0.20 RETURN $baseprice * (1.0 - $discount)

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