7.1.Testing an OLEDB Connection

The connection can be tested using the sample application, "Rowset Viewer" as follows:

  1. Select Full Connect from the File menu

  2. Select OpenLink ODBC Provider for the connection provider

  3. Choose an ODBC Datasource either by typing the name directly or using the "..." button and selecting Enumerator from the submenu that appears in place of the button. In the new dialog that appears choose " OpenLink ODBC Data Source Enumerator " as the data source enumerator and click Connect . A list of ODBC data sources will appear, from which you can choose the one you want and click OK to confirm.

  4. Enter the UserID and Password and click on OK to connect.

  5. Once connected an "Command" subwindow will appears, into which you can submit SQL for test querying on the data source.