14.7.2.Blogger Clients Compatibility

The Virtuoso Blog server implementation has been tested against the following blog client applications:

Radio Userland (Manila Blogger Bridge tool and Upstreaming), available for MS Windows and MacOS X
NewzCrawler , available for MS Windows
w.bloggar , available for MS Windows
blogBuddy , available for MS Windows
Zempt , available for MS Windows
BlogMan , available for MS Windows
thinblog , Java based client

The steps required to allow third-party clients to operate with Virtuoso are:

  1. Create a WebDAV account using the Server Administration Interface making sure that the home directory is created as /DAV/<username>/

  2. Enable the XML-RPC bridge on a SOAP endpoint (see "XML-RPC endpoint configuration" section above)

  3. Most client tools accept a username and password, enter the credentials and URI for XML-RPC endpoint.

  4. Allow the client tool time to refresh the Blog data.

  5. Post a simple message, verify its creating using the Server Administration Interface's Weblog link.

Interoperability Notes. The "Zempt" application will report an error upon startup saying that "mt.supportedTextFilters" are not supported, however it it will continue to work with the Virtuoso's blogging server.