14.7.Blogging & Weblogs

Weblogs, or Blog, are web pages or sites organized by date. The content of a typical blog page contains short messages listed in chronological order. The blog messages are typically excerpts of HTML markup, since they typically appear on web sites and expect web browsers as clients.

In the rest of this document we will use interchangeable the terms "blog" and "weblog", and refer to the users that have a blog as "bloggers".

The following terms are also commonly used in this section:

RSS/OCS/OPML/RDF/Atom - file formats, XML based to represent data or list of files containing a data
Channels - a public source containing data in any of XML/text/HTML format, usually in RSS format.
Post/Article(message) - this is a piece of information describing something in a human readable format, in some language. This can be have satellite parts as title, excerpt, publication data etc.
PermaLink - a URL that uniquely designates a single article in blog-space and time.

The Virtuoso Blog system comprises a native Web-based interface for publishing and blog administration, but can also be interacted with using an XML-RPC API. The Virtuoso server supports the following XML-RPC APIs for blogging purposes:

Blogger API
MetaWeblog API
Movable Type

In addition to the blogger APIs Virtuoso supports:

xmlStorageSystem - this allows blogging clients to upload static (ready to go) content onto a Weblog server.
Weblogs ping API - to allow cross-server notification for the latest updated sites/blogs
Pingback and Trackback API - to allow bloggers to notify each other.
Subscription Harmonizer - to allow bloggers to keep their subscriptions in-sync.
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