pldbg_stats — Makes an array of line/count information based on current coverage.


any pldbg_stats ( in name varchar ,
in add_line_info integer );


This function is used to make an array of line/count information based on the current coverage statistics. If the procedure name is given (first param), then the result will contain only coverage statistic for that procedure. if the procedure name is not supplied or supplied as NULL then the result will contain coverage data for all procedures having statistic. The add_line_info flag is used to add code excerpt on line info.



Optional name of procedure for producing selective information.


Optional flag to control output existence. If this flag is set to 1 then code excerpts will be contained in the output.

Return Types

An array (or vector) is returned containing the line/count information of the selected coverage data. The format is as follows:

  ("PRODECURE_NAME" "file_name" <times executed> <total lines> ) -- procedure info
  ((<line no> <no executed> "<line excerpt>" ) .... )            -- line statistics
  (("CALLER PROCEDURE" <counts> ) .... )                   -- caller statistics