pem_certificates_to_array — converts a PEM file to an array of PEM strings


pem_certificates_to_array ( in pem_string varchar );


This gets a PEM file with (possibly) many X509 certificates among others and constructs an array containing each X509 certificate as a separate PEM string. This can serve for splitting a PEM file containing multiple certificates (for example CA file) to single certificate entries so it can be examined with get_certificate_info function. Note that the array can contain NULL elements in places where in the PEM file there are blocks other than X509 PEM certificates.



text of the PEM file

Return Types

Array of PEM strings


Table 24.61. Errors signalled by pem_certificates_to_array

SQLState Error Code Error Text Description
42000 CR011 Can't allocate temp space. SSL error : <error text>  
42000 CR012 Can't read certificates. SSL error : <error text>