vd_remote_table — declares an existing table as resident on a DSN previously declared with vd_remote_data_source


vd_remote_table ( in dsn varchar ,
in local_name varchar ,
in remote_name varchar );


Declares an existing table as resident on a data source previously declared with vd_remote_data_source().

This function declares the table local_name as table remote_name on the dsn. The tables names should be full, names with qualifier and owner. The names are case sensitive and must be in the exact case where they appear in the local and remote schemas.

If remote_name is NULL, the effect of a possible previous vd_remote_table is reversed. The table is thereafter treated as a local table, except in procedures and statements compiled when the remote declaration was in effect.



The name of the remote datasource previously connected using vd_remote_data_source()


Fully qualified name of a local table.


Fully qualified name of the remote table.