vd_remote_data_source — prepares a remote DSN for use


vd_remote_data_source ( in dsn varchar ,
in connstr varchar ,
in user varchar ,
in password varchar );


A remote data source is uniquely identified by its DSN, the dsn argument to this function. The connstr argument is presently ignored. The user and password are the login name and password to use when communicating with the remote data source. All Virtuoso users dealing with the remote data source will appear as this user to the remote data source. Virtuoso will make as many connections as there are concurrent users of the data source. Connections are cached by Virtuoso.

The default qualifier of the user of the remote data source is usually not relevant. This function connects to the DSN in order to retrieve various meta data, which it stores locally. The DSN should be defined in the server's environment and the DSN's database should be on line.



The name of the remote datasource to prepare.


Currently ignored parameter.


username for the connection.


password for the user.

Return Types

Status of the connection attempt.


Table24.113.Errors signalled by

SQLState Error Code Error Text Description