VAD_UNINSTALL — Vad package uninstallation


varchar DB.DBA. VAD_UNINSTALL ( in package_name varchar );


Invokes the uninstall operation from interactive SQL or from the web user interface. This will:

  • enter into atomic mode

  • Check if no other package is using the subject of uninstall

  • Run the pre-uninstall SQL script

  • Run any post-uninstall SQL code

  • Remove all VSP and XSLT and other web resources from their designated place in DAV or the Virtuoso Web root where permitted.

  • If DB.DBA.VAD_UNINSTALL() succeeded the server comes back on-line. If there was a failure in mid-uninstall, such as running out of disk or some other serious unrecoverable database error, the server exits. The failed uninstallation can be undone manually. As usual, halting the server, deleting the transaction log file and restarting will force the server to start from the checkpoint as if the uninstallation was never attempted.



name of package '/' version e.g: 'virtodp/1.0'