VAD_INSTALL — Invoke VAD installation process


varchar DB.DBA. VAD_INSTALL ( in package_uri varchar ,
in source_type integer );


Invoke the install operation from interactive SQL or from the web user interface. This will:

  • enter into atomic mode

  • Check for version and prerequisite package compatibility

  • Run the pre-install SQL script

  • Load all SQL code and other resources in the order given by the developer

  • Run any post install SQL code

  • If DB.DBA.VAD_INSTALL() succeeded the server comes back on-line.

If there was a failure in mid-install, such as running out of disk or some other serious unrecoverable database error, the server exits. The installation can be undone manually by halting the server, deleting the transaction log file and restarting. The server will start from the checkpoint as if the installation was never attempted.



URI of VAD file


The second parameter to VAD_INSTALL controls whether the given path to the package is taken as a filesystem path or a DAV path. Value of 1 means the path is interpreted as a DAV path. The default value is 0 which means the VAD package is read from filesystem path.