xmlStorageSystem.getServerCapabilities — Retrieve server specific information.


structure xmlStorageSystem.getServerCapabilities ( in email string ,
in password string );


This method is used to obtain information about the capabilities of the server, such as files size limitations, supported types, etc...



For user identification, this should be a valid email account.


The MD5 hash of the password.

Return Types

This method returns a structure as follows:

    'flError' boolean                   0 success, 1 fault
    'message' string                    fault message (can be used to handle error cases)
     ctBytesInUse integer               how many bytes are used on repository
     legalFileExtensions string array   which extensions are recognized
     maxBytesPerUser integer            total bytes available for this user
     maxFileSize integer                largest file size for upload (bytes)
     yourUpstreamFolderUrl string       base URL for user's blog on repository


Example24.540.Retrieving the XML Storage System Capabilities

Simple example of fetching the server capabilities.

    SQL> SOAP_CLIENT (url=>'',
        operation=>'getServerCapabilities', parameters=>vector
        ('email','user@example.domain', 'password', md5('xxx'));

    SOAP response:

         <message />