xmlStorageSystem.saveMultipleFiles — Upload a set of files to XML Storage System directory.


structure xmlStorageSystem.saveMultipleFiles ( in email string ,
in password string ,
in relativepathList array ,
in fileTextList array );


This method allows users to upload a set of files. The files will be stored in WebDAV repository and will be accessible via HTTP.



For user identification, this should be a valid email account.


The MD5 hash of the password.


Array of strings of target paths relative to the <user home>/blog folder in WebDAV.


An array of strings containing the contents of the files to be uploaded. These must be in the same sequence as the relativepathList. i.e. relativepathList[i] is name for fileTextList[i].

Return Types

This method returns a structure as follows:

    'flError' boolean                   0 success, 1 fault
    'message' string                    fault message (can be used to handle error cases)
    'urllist' array of string   contains list of URLs corresponding to uploaded files
    'yourUpstreamFolderUrl' string      base URL for upload


Example24.542.Using the XML Storage System to Save Multiple Files

Simple example of saving a file.

    - Invocation:

    SQL> SOAP_CLIENT (url=>'', operation=>'saveMultipleFiles',
        parameters=>vector ('email','user@example.domain', 'password', md5('xxx'),
          'relativepathList', vector ('test.txt'), 'fileTextList', vector ('this is a test'));

    - SOAP Response

        <message />