xslt_sheet — declares an XSL stylesheet for use


xslt_sheet ( in uri varchar ,
in entity any );


This function takes a name and the root element of a parsed XML document and defines these as a stylesheet. The unique element child of the entity object's document should be an xsl:stylesheet element. Included or imported stylesheets will be located relative to the base URI of the entity passed to xslt_sheet() . Once a stylesheet thus defined it can be used as the stylesheet argument of xslt.



The location of the XSLT style sheet


A valid XSL style sheet, XML entity parsed using the xml_tree_doc() function


Example24.535.Preparing a Style Sheet from the File System

The xslt_view() function first defines the style sheet from a file. The xslt_sheet() function is called with the name and the root element of the parsed file. xslt_view() next gets the string to process, parses the string as XML and converts the parse tree into an entity object. This is then passed to the xslt() function. The result is another entity object. This is finally serialized as XML text and written into the file xslt.out .

create procedure xslt_view (in v varchar, in xst varchar)
  declare str, r varchar;
  xslt_sheet (xst, xml_tree_doc (xml_tree  (file_to_string (xst))));
  str := xml_view_string (v);
  r := xslt (xst, xml_tree_doc (xml_tree (str)));
  declare str any;
  str := string_output ();
  http_value (r, 0, str);
  string_to_file ('xslt.out', string_output_string (str), 0);

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