xslt_stale — force reload of XSL stylesheet


xslt_stale ( in uri varchar );


This function can be used to force Virtuoso to reload a cached stylesheet from the URI when next used with xslt() or http_xslt() . Using this function before every application of the stylesheet is extremely inefficient. If stylesheets are stored in the database, you can use this function in an update trigger on the table storing the stylesheets but you don't have to use it before every application of the sheet.

This function never needs to be applied to a stylesheet URI with the file:// protocol since xslt() and http_xslt() will automatically detect a stale cache entry. However if the stylesheet is stored on a remote web server, or if the stylesheet contains subdocuments ( e.g. external XML entities, xsl:include or xsl:import statements) this function is needed to force a reload.



The location of the style sheet to force a reload.


The function never signals any errors. E.g. it is not an error if the specified stylesheet does not exist or if the specified stylesheet is used by other transaction when the xslt_stale() is called.


Example 24.536. Simple Use

sheet := 'virt://WS.WS.SYS_DAV_RES.RES_FULL_PATH.RES_CONTENT:/DAV/stylesheets/document.xsl';
xslt_stale (sheet);
xslt(sheet, xml_doc_tree);