11.20.Handling Conditions In Virtuoso/PL Procedures

Condition handlers determine the behavior of a Virtuoso/PL procedure when a condition occurs. You can declare one or more condition handlers in your Virtuoso/PL procedure for general SQL conditions or specific SQLSTATE values.

If a statement in your procedure raises an SQLEXCEPTION condition and you declared a handler for the specific SQLSTATE or SQLEXCEPTION condition the server passes control to that handler.

If a statement in your Virtuoso/PL procedure raises an SQLEXCEPTION condition, and you have not declared a handler for the specific SQLSTATE or the SQLEXCEPTION condition, the server passes the exception to the calling procedure (if any). If the procedure call is at the top-level, then the exception is signalled to the calling client.

Handlers are active only for the duration of the enclosing compound statement. When an exception is thrown outside the handler's scope then this handler is never called.