11.7.16. Limitations on Vectored Code

Note: This feature only applies to Virtuoso 7.0 and later.

The body of FOR VECTORED or a vectored procedure may contain arbitrary Virtuoso PL, except for LOOPs and backward GOTOs. Conditional expressions and statements are allowed, as well as any subqueries or DML statements. Looping over a cursor is not allowed, since this is a loop, but scalar subqueries and selecting-into-variables in SELECT ... INTO is allowed. Exception handlers are not allowed inside, but an exception handler outside of FOR VECTORED will catch errors signaled from inside FOR VECTORED. FOR VECTORED statements may not be nested and may not occur in the body of a vectored procedure. The handler, being itself not in vectored code, will not be able to see which specific value in a vectored section gave rise to the exception.