This controls the escalation from row locking to page locking. A set of row locks can be converted into one page lock if: (a) All the row locks on the page belong to the same transaction, or, (b) No other transaction waits for any of these locks. The value of this parameter is the percentage of rows on a page that must be held by the transaction before the locking goes to page level. The default is 50, meaning that for a page of 120 rows the 61st row lock will escalate the lock if all the previous locks belong to the same transaction and there is no wait pending on any. A value of -1 means that locking is always at page level if there is more than one lock on the page. A value in excess of 100 causes lock escalation to be turned off. The effect of this setting is global and persists until the server is restarted. This setting does not affect the semantic of locking.