3.5. WebDAV

WebDAV support enables Virtuoso to act as the Web Content Store for all of your eBusiness data, this includes Text, Graphics and Multimedia files. WebDAV support also enables Virtuoso to play the familiar roles of a FILE & WEB SERVER, hosting entire Web sites within a single database file, or across multiple database files. Virtuoso's WebDAV provides file system like access to its non SQL data repository.

Files contained in the DAV repository are stored in a database table. Free text indexing and replication mechanisms may be applied to the DAV repository as well as the regular database. Standards based WebDAV methods are used to access resources stored in the repository based on Virtuoso's full-featured SQL-92 database engine with performance that matches or exceeds that of current major players in the DB market. Typical WebDAV clients that can access the repository for content management include Network Places on Windows through Explorer, Nautilus on Gnome (Linux and Solaris), and the Mac OS X desktop. Many web development tools also support WebDAV directly.

See the WebDAV Administration section, to setup the WebDAV in the Visual Server Administration Interface.