16.19.RDF Graph Replication

The following section demonstrates how to replicate graphs from one Virtuoso instance to (an)other Virtuoso instance(s), using the RDF Replication Feature.

Terms used in this section:

  • Host Virtuoso Instance

    , aka the publisher: the instance where we will insert RDF data into a Named Graph; then create a publication of this graph.

  • Destination Virtuoso Instance

    , aka the subscriber: the instance which will subscribe to the publication from the Host Virtuoso Instance.

The basic outline:

  • First, use the Virtuoso Conductor on a Host Virtuoso Instance to publish a named graph.

  • Then, use the Virtuoso Conductor on a Destination Virtuoso Instance to subscribe to deltas from the published graph.

  • Finally, see how a change in the publisher's graph will appear in the subscriber's graph.