16.17.13.Using SPARUL

Since SPARUL updates are generally not meant to be transactional, it is best to run these in log_enable (2) mode, which commits every operation as it is done. This prevents one from running out of rollback space. Also for bulk updates, transaction logging can be turned off. If so, one should do a manual checkpoint after the operation to ensure persistence across server restart since there is no roll forward log.

To have a roll forward log and row by row autocommit, one may use log_enable (3) . This will write constantly into the log which takes extra time. Having no logging and doing a checkpoint when the whole work is finished is faster.

Many SPARUL operations can be run in parallel in this way. If they are independent with respect to their input and output, they can run in parallel and row by row autocommit will ensure they do not end up waiting for each others' locks.