7.3.3. Manually configuring a Virtuoso ODBC DSN on Unix

If you have iODBC installed, you can configure Virtuoso data sources by adding the following entry into the relevant .odbc.ini file. Usually it is the value of the ODBCINI environment variable or $HOME/.odbc.ini:

Sample DSN:

# absolute path to the shared object
# host and port of the Virtuoso server

If the application that will load the ODBC driver is multithreaded, use the virtodbc32_r.so driver instead.

Linking Client Applications

The isql and other utilities are linked directly with the Virtuoso client code. See the Makefiles for the libraries used. These are identical in function with the ODBC driver but accept a host:port in the place of a data-source name to be resolved from the odbc ini file.

Generally applications should pass via ODBC. Directly linking with the ODBC driver shared object is also possible.


If you specified:

 --with-jdbc3=<path of JDK>

to the configure in the installation root directory, running make will produce the files libsrc/JDBCDriverType4/virtjdbc3.jar and virtjdbc3ssl.jar. These can be placed on the Java class path. See Virtuoso JDBC Documentation for URL formats etc.