16.10.6.Consuming the Generated RDF Structured Data

The generated RDF-based structured data (RDF) can be consumed in a number of ways, depending on whether or not the data is persisted in Virtuoso's RDF Quad Store.

If the data is persisted, it can be queried through the Virtuoso SPARQL endpoint associated with any Virtuoso instance: /sparql. The RDF is exposed in a graph typically identified using a URL matching the source resource URL from which the RDF data was generated. Naturally, any SQL query can also access this, since SPARQL can be freely intermixed with SQL via Virtuoso's SPASQL (SPARQL inside SQL) functionality. RDF data is also accessible through Virtuoso's implementation of the URIQA protocol.

If not persisted, as is the case with the RDF Proxy Service, the data can be consumed by an RDF aware Web client, e.g. an RDF browser such as the OpenLink Data Explorer (ODE).