2.2.7.Configuring Virtuoso Client Components

The Virtuoso client components set consists of the following:

Virtuoso Driver for ODBC
Virtuoso Driver for JDBC
Native Virtuoso Interactive SQL Query (ISQL)
ODBC based Interactive SQL Query Utility (ISQLO)

The sections that follow address the configuration and utilization of each one of these client components separately.

Virtuoso Driver for ODBC

The Virtuoso Driver for ODBC conforms to both the ODBC 1.x,2.x,and 3.x versions of the ODBC specification, it implements Core, Level 1, Level 2, and Extensions functionality. This driver enables you to communicate with local or remote Virtuoso servers across any combination of platforms supported by Virtuoso.

At installation time two ODBC data source names (DSN's) are created with default values by the Virtuoso installer, the first DSN named "Local Virtuoso" provides a link to a local default Virtuoso database server instance, while the other named "Local Virtuoso Demo" provides a link to a local Virtuoso server for the Virtuoso demonstration database.

[Tip] See Also:

the Data Access Interfaces chapter for more detailed information regarding the Virtuoso ODBC Driver setup

Virtuoso Drivers for JDBC

The Virtuoso Drivers for JDBC are available in "jar" file formats for the JDBC 1.x, JDBC 2.x and JDBC 3.x JDBC specifications. These are Type 4 Drivers implying that utilization is simply a case of adding the relevant "jar" file to your CLASSPATH and then providing an appropriate JDBC URL format in order to establish a JDBC session with a local or remote Virtuoso server. It is important to note that when you make a JDBC connection to a Virtuoso Server, you do also have access to Native and External Virtuoso tables. Thus, you actually have a type 4 JDBC Driver for any number of different database types that have been linked into Virtuoso.

[Tip] See Also:

The JDBC Driver section in the Access Interfaces chapter.

Native Virtuoso Interactive SQL Query (ISQL)

To assist you with the use of Virtuoso an interactive SQL interpreter utility called "ISQL" is bundled with all Virtuoso installations. This utility allows you to enter and execute SQL statements from a command line prompt against a local or remote Virtuoso server.

The command line format for executing this utility is:

isql [<hostname>][:<port#>]

The steps that follow guide you through the process of using ISQL to verify your Virtuoso installation:

  1. Open up a DOS shell

  2. Move into the "bin" sub-directory of your Virtuoso installation

  3. Type the following command: isql

    This will connect you to the default Virtuoso server at port "1111", if you want to connect to your demonstration Virtuoso database (which listens at port 1112 by default) then enter: isql 1112

  4. At the ISQL command line prompt type in the following command:

    tables ;

    This will produce a list of tables in the current Virtuoso database, you can also enter other SQL statements e.g.:

    select * from Customers

    This will produce a listing of records in the "Customers" table.

  5. If you are not able to perform these task that it implies that your Virtuoso database server is not running or that it has not been installed properly.

ODBC based Interactive SQL Query Utility (ISQLO)

In addition to a Native ISQL utility, your Virtuoso installation includes an ODBC based version of "ISQL" called "ISQLO", this enable you to connect to ODBC DSN's rather than Virtuoso only. To use this program perform the following steps:

  1. Open up a DOS shell

  2. Move into the "bin" sub-directory of your Virtuoso installation

  3. Type the following command :

    isqlo <enter a valid ODBC Data Source Name>
    [Note] Note:

    If your DSN contains spaces you will need to enclose it within double quotes when passing it as a parameter to ISQLO

  4. Enter any valid SQL at the ISQLO command line prompt.

  5. You can also use this utility from within the Virtuoso Conductor