2.2.6.Creating and Deleting Virtuoso Services

At sometime you may need to have multiple Virtuoso server processes running on your Windows servers or simply need to add or delete existing Virtuoso servers that have been registered with the "Services" control panel applet. You do this by executing the following commands:

Adding new Virtuoso Server service: virtuoso-odbc-f +service create -I <your chosen service name>

Deleting an existing Virtuoso service: virtuoso-odbc-f +service delete -I <service that you are deleting>

Starting a new Virtuoso service manually: virtuoso-odbc-f +service start -I <service name>

Showing a list of existing Virtuoso services: virtuoso-odbc-f +service list

[Note] Note:

This functionality is only available on Windows NT/2000/XP.

Ensure that the services applet from the control panel is closed while issuing the above commands to prevent locking.