7.4.5. Installation & Configuration Steps

Perform the following steps in order to make use of your Virtuoso Drivers for JDBC:

[Note] Note:

You only have to perform these steps if a first attempt to use the Virtuoso Drivers for JDBC fails, the Virtuoso installer will attempt to configure these settings for you at installation time.

  1. Ensure your PATH environment variable is pointing to a version of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is compatible with the version of the JDBC Driver Manager installed on your machine. Consult the section above to double check. You can also type the following command to verify Java versions:

    java -version
  2. Add the appropriate Virtuoso for JDBC "jar" file to your CLASSPATH environment variable.

  3. Attempt to make a connection using one of the sample JDBC Applications or Applets provided with your Virtuoso installation.

[Note] Note:

If you have problems using the virtuoso JDBC driver despite your CLASSPATH being defined correctly, you may force the Java Virtual Machine to load a specific JDBC driver using: -D on the java command line: e.g:

-Djdbc.drivers=virtuoso.jdbc.Driver .

You can check the Virtuoso JDBC driver version from the command line using: java virtuoso.jdbc.Driver