4.2.3. Linux & UNIX


This is a simple 'C' based and ODBC compliant Interactive SQL processor.

  1. Run the script virtuoso-enterprise.sh to set up your environment:

    . virtuoso-enterprise.sh
  2. Start ODBCTEST by executing the following command:

  3. At the SQL command prompt enter "?" for a list of ODBC DSNs on your machine or enter a valid ODBC Connect String. If you have a DSN named "Marketing" you would enter:


    Note: If there is no password, you must include a semicolon at the end:

  4. Any valid SQL or ODBC command may be executed through this interface. The following example shows a connection to Microsoft SQL Server 2000, making a simple query against the sample Northwind database:

    [localhost:~] openlink% odbctest
    iODBC Demonstration program
    This program shows an interactive SQL processor
    Enter ODBC connect string (? shows list, or DSN=...): DSN=test_sql2k
    SQL>select au_lname, au_fname, state from authors where au_id < '333-33-3333'
    au_lname                                |au_fname            |state
    White                                   |Johnson             |CA
    Green                                   |Marjorie            |CA
    Carson                                  |Cheryl              |CA
    O'Leary                                 |Michael             |CA
    Straight                                |Dean                |CA
     5 row(s) fetched.
    Again (y/n) ? n
    Have a nice day.
    [localhost:~] openlink%