From the outset one of the main design goals of the .Net Data Provider was to implement a generic client layer enabling the re-use of our existing data access components for connecting to remote data sources. This has been achieved with both our Managed and Unmanaged .Net Data Providers, each of which have a common namespace that eliminates the need to recompile applications should the need arise to change the remote data source.

4.1.1.Managed Data Provider

The UDA managed .NET Data Provider delivers robust and secure data connectivity across all Databases support in the Universal Data Access suite, including all major databases - Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, Ingres II, Informix and Progress. The .NET Data Provider is built with managed code, enabling it to running completely within the .NET Framework runtime delivering better security and performance. This Generic managed .Net Data Provider connects to the remote data source via one of two forms currently:

  • Multi-Tier Database Agents - The OpenLink VDB(Virtual Database) layer has been ported to C# and linked into the Provider, enabling it to communicate directly with the OpenLink Multi-Tier Database agents installed on the remote machine (or via 3-Tier connection) as indicated in the diagram below:

    Figure4.1.Managed VDB .Net Data Provider

    Managed VDB .Net Data Provider

    The diagram above lists all the databases current supported in our Multi-Tier Data Access suite, but note that ODBC is also included which if chosen would enabled connectivity to any third party ODBC driver also via our ODBC agent(bridge).

  • TDS Protocol - The TDS protocol has been ported to C# and linked into the Provider, enabling two 100% Managed Providers to be created capable of direct connectivity to Microsoft and Sybase SQLServer Databases without the need for any additional components on the Server, as indicated in the diagram below:

    Figure4.2.Managed SQLServer .Net Data Provider

    Managed SQLServer .Net Data Provider

    Figure4.3.Managed Sybase .Net Data Provider

    Managed Sybase .Net Data Provider

4.1.2.Unmanaged Data Provider

The UDA Unmanaged .NET Data Provider enables connectivity to any ODBC Data Source by acting as a Bridge between ADO.Net and ODBC. This Provider is provided as a stop-gap solution enabling connectivity to Data source for which managed .Net Providers are not already available as indicated in the diagram below, and as such does not provide the benefits of security and performance available from its Managed counterpart:

Figure4.4.Unmanaged ODBC .Net Data Provider

Unmanaged ODBC .Net Data Provider