4.4.OpenLink .NET Data Providers Class Implementation

This section details the classes exposed by the OpenLink .NET Data Providers, which users must be familiar with in order to make effective use of the providers.

Many of the OpenLink Generic Provider classes implement interfaces or inherit from the .NET Framework namespaces System.Data and System.Data.Common. A summary of the classes exposed by the provider is given below.

The table only shows classes or interfaces inherited from System.Data or System.Data.Common. Some of the OpenLink.Data.GenericClient classes implement additional interfaces or inherit from a class belonging to a namespace other than System.Data or System.Data.Common. These details are not shown. For full details refer to the detailed documentation for the appropriate class in OpenLink.Data.GenericClient Namespace.


Classes Implements / inherits System.Data or System.Data.Common interface / class Description
OPLCommand IDbCommand Represents an SQL statement or stored procedure to execute against a database.
OPLCommandBuilder Automatically generates single-table commands used to reconcile changes made to a DataSet with the associated data source.
OPLConnection IDbConnection Represents an open connection to a data source.
OPLDataAdapter IDbDataAdapter, DbDataAdapter Represents a set of data commands and a database connection that are used to fill a DataSet and update a data source.
OPLDataReader IDataReader, IDataRecord Provides a way of reading a forward-only stream of data rows from a data source.
OPLError Holds information about a warning or error returned by a data source.
OPLErrorCollection Represents a collection of one or more OPLError objects that give detailed information about an OPLException.
OPLErrorException The exception that is generated when a warning or error is returned by a data source or the Generic Provider.
OPLParameter IDbDataParameter, IDataParameter Represents a parameter to an OPLCommand and optionally, its mapping to a DataSet column.
OPLParameterCollection IDataParameterCollection Represents a collection of parameters relevant to an OPLCommand as well as their respective mappings to columns in a DataSet.
OPLPermission Enables the Generic Provider to ensure that a user has a security level adequate to access a data source.
OPLPermissionAttribute Associates a security action with a custom security attribute.
OPLTransaction IDbTransaction Represents a SQL transaction to be made at a data source.


Delegates Description
OPLRowUpdatedEventHandler> Represents a method that will handle the RowUpdated event of an OPLDataAdapter.
OPLRowUpdatingEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the RowUpdating event of an OPLDataAdapter.


Enumeration Description
OPLDbType > Specifies the data type of a field, property or OPLParameter.