4.7..Net Provider Test Program

A simple .Net interactive SQL program is provided for enabling a test connection to be made with the UDA Managed and/or Unmanaged .Net Data Providers, as indicated in the screen shots below:

Figure4.5.Managed .Net Data Provider test connection

Managed .Net Data Provider test connection

The connect strings for the Managed .Net Providers (GenericClient, MS SQLServer and Sybase) are similar with the 'Port' attribute designating the location of the Service to which is connection will band made. The Unmanaged OdbcClient provider differs as indicated below:

Figure4.6.Unmanaged .Net Data Provider test connection

Unmanaged .Net Data Provider test connection

  1. Select the radio button of the .Net Provider you want to test.

  2. Enter the connect string attributes of the Database Server to which the connection is to be made.

  3. Click the connect button to make the Database connection.

  4. Enter the SQL query you wish to run in the text window provided and click the Execute Query button to execute.

  5. Once executed the result set will be displayed in the result set pane as indicated in screen shot below: