17.3.Broker Log Levels

The Request Broker reports various information and messages to the foreground window, or the log file if selected. The amount of detail that is shown is controlled by the loglevel parameter.

Define the required loglevel on the command line call. For example to get loglevel 7, use:

oplrqb +loglevel 7


oplrqb -l 7

Alternatively set the loglevel default in the oplrqb.ini file.

[Request Broker]
CommandLine = +loglevel 7

When a loglevel is specified, the messages from priority 0 up to that level are shown. Thus using +loglevel 5 will produce messages from levels 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Specifying +loglevel 9 is the same as +loglevel 7 as levels 8 and 9 are not defined.

Typical loglevels are 7 for troubleshooting, 3,4 or 5 for normal use, and 0 or 1 for a limited report. The if a loglevel is not specified, then a default of 5 is used.

The level of detailed for each log level is as follows:

Table17.13.Log Levels

Level Category Comment
0 EMERG System is unusable
1 ALERT Action must be taken immediately
2 CRIT Critical conditions
3 ERR Error conditions
4 WARNING Warning conditions
5 NOTICE Normal but signification condition
6 INFO Informational
7 DEBUG Debug-level messages